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Gati Freight is one of India's leading relocation service providers. All of our clients benefit from our high-quality relocation services within India and around the world. Our motto is "customer happiness is our success," so we put all of our efforts towards getting favorable feedback from our clients through our work.

  • Office Shifting



Gati Freight can assist you in making a smooth move to your new home. We specialize in providing individualized settling-in support. Our customers may rest easy knowing that their valuables are safe. Our packaging center has highly qualified and trained personnel that excel at packing your personal belongings. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that our clients' valuable goods are not harmed throughout the transportation procedure. Packaging consists of standard cartons, boxes, and tapes. Before being loaded, goods are appropriately sealed.

  • Relocation of individuals and family:
    Maybe you're going to India for employment and bringing your family with you, or maybe you're moving for personal reasons. Moving to a new nation can be an awful voyage of unknowns. Gati Freight might help you relax in this situation. Our comprehensive relocation services assist you in making a smooth move, ensuring that individuals and families quickly settle into their new homes.
  • Relocation of vehicles:
    When migrating with Gati Freight, the arduous chore of selling and buying a vehicle due to relocation is no longer a concern. Our relocation service simply moves your vehicle to your new place, so you may drive it without any hassles.
  • Relocation of pets:
    The owners of pets consider them as part of their larger family. Because pets give us unconditional affection and comfort, leaving your beloved pet behind is one of the most difficult aspects of migrating. It's a painful experience. Gati Freight relieves the stress. Your family pet can move with you thanks to our pet moving service! This makes both of you considerably happier as you adjust to your new surroundings.
  • International Relocation:
    For the transportation of products, we provide the best vehicles. Our customers do not experience any concern as a result of the prompt relocation of their goods. Our services are not limited to India; rather, we have established a reputation as a reliable courier of commodities to international destinations. In order to transfer your goods securely over the world, you can count on us.

Why us:

Well-managed services - Gati Freight Relocation Services will provide a seamless and well-managed door-to-door relocation anywhere on the planet. We have the resources to provide door-to-door delivery because we manage road transportation. As a result, we can deliver the customer's cargo to their homes.

Global network - Each shipment is planned and organized by strategic means employing a global network of quality providers, ranging from export packaging through customs clearance and complete delivery of services at the destination.

Fastest transit time - We value our customers' time and, as a result, stick to delivery deadlines. As a result, we handle our shipments in such a way that they arrive either early or on time. Our team is responsible for coordinating transfers for any location, and we offer the fastest transit times for your relocation abroad.

Customized Logistics Solutions - We arrange shipments for companies and individuals to have them shipped to the consumer or final point of contact. Our solutions can be customized based on your individual requirements.